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Governance Advisory

Governance framework reviews

Noting the constantly evolving debate on the framework around better governance, we build effective board and subsidiary governance processes which keep pace with changes in the external environment.

Case study – Governance documentation review
Case study – Governance framework reviews

Corporate reporting

We support clients with their annual reporting cycle. This can include providing advice on the compliance and best practice aspects of the annual reports, and the drafting or review of corporate governance statements or s172 statements.

Case study – Year end support
Governance relations

We are firm believers in the benefits of stakeholder engagement. Our expertise identifies underlying shareholders and an understanding of their governance preferences helps us to inform you better regarding future conversations. We can ensure that you prioritise your stakeholders and manage the increasing demands for meaningful dialogue.

Case study – Governance relations
Executive remuneration delivery

Indigo’s team works with remuneration committees and, through consultation and communication, offers support from conception to implementation of remuneration policy, and the rollout of key benefits.

Case study – Executive remuneration delivery

Board Support

Appointed company secretary

Working as an independent member of the board’s team, we have the experience and qualifications to fulfil this formal role on a permanent basis. We will provide directors access to the objective expert resource they need without employing a full-time specialist all whilst monitoring both performance and risk and leading organisational culture.

Case study – Appointed company secretary
Independent board reviews

Indigo applies the principles of the Code of Practice for Board Reviewers. Here we explain how we do so. Why not get in touch with Bernadette or David to discuss your board’s next independently facilitated review.

Code of Practice for Board Reviewers
Case study – Independent board reviews

Board support

It is vital to the creation of value in your business that directors’ time is used well. Through board support services, we optimise the outputs from your board and committee meetings, focusing agendas on strategic matters to deliver company ambitions. We facilitate strong governance protocols to enable, rather than hinder, board leadership.

Case study – Board support
Induction, development and training

We offer a range of induction, development and training solutions created to suit on topics such as governance expectations, company law and directors’ duties. We also offer training to members of your company secretarial team on vital skills such as minuting meetings.

Case study – Induction, development and training

Company Secretarial

Company secretarial resource

The Indigo team can manage all your company secretarial needs, including statutory register maintenance and Companies House filings, listing rules and MAR compliance, and liaise with your registrars.  Support is available for your business on a permanent or interim basis as needed.

Case study – Company secretarial resource
Case study – Appointed company secretary

Group entity reviews

Company health checks can build confidence in the completeness and accuracy of legacy statutory records or those for companies acquired through M&A. Group rationalisation project management services can identify and dissolve any redundant entities that are costing the business time and money to maintain without any useful purpose. As an added benefit, through our review we create a valuable record of the rationale for retention of the remaining entities.

Case study – Group entity reviews
Transactional services

M&A initiatives, corporate actions or changes to group structure are challenges which can put a strain on any business. As an agile business able to move swiftly, Indigo offers flexible arrangements to suit your budget and resourcing needs.

Case study – Corporate action
Case study – Transactional services

Project Management

International subsidiary governance

Managing international entities is complex and it can be difficult to maintain compliance in overseas jurisdictions. We conduct a full assessment and set out a way forward that delivers quality and value. Devising the right model with our expertise, Indigo helps identify the best approach that aligns to your ambitions in this area, whether cost savings, better use of resources or accurate corporate data.

Case study – International subsidiary service
Our insight – International subsidiary management

Contract tender management

External relationships, for example with the company’s registrars, remuneration consultants and entity management system and board portal providers, falls to the Company Secretary. Additionally, they will work closely with many other advisers such as brokers, financial PR agencies, legal advisers and auditors and will often take the lead in retendering such contracts. We offer objective recommendations on the value of such external relationships and help design and manage the tender process to achieve the best outcome from those arrangements.

Case study – Contract tender management
Benchmarking your company secretarial team

Appropriate levels of resource and adequate cover to allow for risk can be hard to ascertain from inside the business. We review the existing resource and structure, identify areas where improvements can be made and offer an analysis of the pros, cons and costs of alternative models.

Our insight – Benchmarking your company secretarial team

Year end support

Year end is particularly busy for any company secretarial team. Indigo offers support with initial report & accounts planning and on-going project management through to final publication and mailing, preparation and review of ‘front half’ reports and all AGM arrangements.

Case study – Year end support