Project management

  • Dec162021

    Getting ahead

    With heightened shareholder expectations on ESG issues and TCFD climate-related disclosures set to be expanded to many more companies, obtaining a clear understanding of institutional investors’ evolving views and AGM voting policies and planning and implementing the targets, reporting and governance processes needed to comply with the TCFD requirements are just two of the priorities at this busy time of the year.

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  • Apr102021

    Learning to adapt

    In light of the pandemic, how can businesses ensure their company secretarial teams are prepared for the future?

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  • Feb102021

    Subsidiary structure

    Implementing an effective governance and compliance regime can be challenging, especially for international organisations. How can you ensure your global entities are being properly managed and maintained, and is a centralised or decentralised model the best fit for your business?

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  • Sep202009

    The simple things in life

    Why group simplification exercises matter to company secretaries, as well as benefits to businesses in reducing costs and risks.

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