Board support

  • Nov032022

    Time to speak up

    The increasing number and complexity of issues for which boards are accountable is leading to an increased reliance on the insights provided by governance professionals.

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  • Jul132022

    Fair weather friends

    Should the mismatch be reconsidered between the emphasis placed upon stakeholder interests in company law and the near complete absence of such factors under insolvency conditions?

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  • Jun302022

    Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance: what you need to know

    What can boards do to prepare for incoming changes to audit, corporate reporting and governance systems?

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  • Apr282022

    A seat at the table

    How are unexpected trailblazers championing the inclusion of staff representatives on boards?

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  • Feb042022

    Chart your course

    Effective delegation is a key part of governance frameworks and Bernadette Young in G+C magazine explains how organisations can create a diagrammatic representation of their governance processes to aid understanding and implementation.

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  • Dec162021

    Getting ahead

    With heightened shareholder expectations on ESG issues and TCFD climate-related disclosures set to be expanded to many more companies, obtaining a clear understanding of institutional investors’ evolving views and AGM voting policies and planning and implementing the targets, reporting and governance processes needed to comply with the TCFD requirements are just two of the priorities at this busy time of the year.

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  • Nov122021

    Business behaviour

    How can a business ensure that its code of ethics communicates expectations clearly and effectively in order to influence behaviours for the better?

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  • Jun102021

    Aiming for resilient businesses

    Examining the implications for audit committees and boardrooms based on proposed government plans for audit reform and governance.

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  • Jan202021

    Independent board reviews: what next

    FTSE 350 boards are required to carry out an external, independent board evaluation every three years, however there is nothing in place setting out how this should be carried out, or what areas should be covered. What does a “good” external board evaluation look like?

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  • Dec202020

    The greater good

    Directors are in a key position to wisely influence the motivations of their colleagues. How can boards create the right environment for a high performing business?

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